Here is a little taxidermy inspired painting (still wet) that I made using acrylics and ink, one brush and a few fingers. My man says I have the handwriting of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I also have a new fascination with leaving things unfinished.


My name is Laura

I write by profession but I always write about other people. I almost find it strange to write about myself, I have become so unaccustomed to it. I just haven’t felt the urge – until now that is.

My name is Laura. I’m a mother of a little boy Taiko, who was born in 2018. I’m a partner to my man Esa and we all live in Helsinki with our two dogs, Lulu and Jekku. I’ve been drawing and writing since I was a kid and when I was old enough to think about studying something I was certain I wanted to be a fashion designer. I even learned English from reading fashion magazines – it was my fantasy, an escape from reality I suppose. And I did end up studying fashion and I loved parts of it. I especially enjoyed designing; drawing and making illustrations. But I sucked at pattern cutting and sewing. I just didn’t have the patience or skills to think three-dimensionally.

During my last year I had a super inspiring teacher who led me to believe that marketing was really fascinating and glamorous. And soon after I graduated I got a job in a PR agency in London specializing in art and design. I stayed there for three years and learned a lot. I would say that it formed a solid basis for what I’ve done ever since.

I’m going to jump forward a bit now and come back to present time. I still have a commercially orientated brain and it comes naturally for me to think about brands and campaigns and stuff. But my brain is full of other stuff too.

I paint, I draw and I photograph. I seem to be writing too. And the reason for this text is that I am going to start using this journal and this website to show some of the stuff that I make (but would normally hide and forget). And I’m going to continue writing about things that interest me.

Here I am with our two dogs as seen by Esa, the man I love:

Laura Iisalo

Thailand 2009-2017

I have spent around six months in Thailand altogether and I have always carried my camera with me either completing assignments or just for fun. I miss doing documentary style photography. It’s so easy to get lured into trying to capture a perfect image with perfect light, perfect sharpness, straight lines, and with commercial value. But sometimes it’s more satisfying to capture a moment, a feeling. These photos were taken during my travels in the years between 2009 and 2017.

Muay Thai_014.jpg