Meditation I actually love doing

I’ve tried many types of meditation to calm my ever restless mind and to… emmmm… be a good person who meditates. I know, I know, that’s not the way to do it but I did it anyway. And then, I no longer remember how, I stumbled across Jessica Snow. She is a Los Angeles based meditative storyteller and energetic alchemist – to quote her – and a magic maker who made me love meditation.

The thing is, she takes me right to the source of my own imagination, to places inside myself I didn’t even know exist. Her guided meditations are like ingenious daydreams where I connect not with just myself but with nature. And what I am always reminded during those journeys is that in nature everything is as it should be. It’s only when we (or me) interfere with that natural order that things get messy or weird.

I’m not even going to try and type down the adventures I’ve had while listening to her on my headphones. I’m just going to say that she is good. Really really good.

treasure box.jpg

Above: A treasure box full of objects that I collected near the Arctic Ocean – each piece is perfect just as nature intended.