It's always about life and human experience

One of the nicest thing about my job is meeting new people and getting to visit their lives and thoughts for a brief moment. It gives me new perspectives, it inspires, and it has definitely influenced who I am today.

One of the hardest thing when I started, was to step into other people’s territories, to get close to people either with with my camera or with my questions. Breaking those boundaries made me feel like an invader.

I can happily say that those worries are long gone. I feel no shame sticking my lens close to someone’s face or digging deep with my questions. I believe that a successful encounter is never just about the subject and always about life and human experience. And sometimes what started as work turns into a friendship.

A few years back I met Nina when I photographed her for the Helsinki – People Make the City book. She is one of the two founders of Nord-T, an organic tea company. Last week Nina invited me over to Fiskars, a little artisanal village about one and half hours drive away from Helsinki, where she had just moved with her family to start a new chapter in their lives in a very old and charismatic estate.

I love it how light lingers in old buildings. I love the presence of the past, the little chips and knocks that tell stories of the lives lived before us. And of course visiting the countryside makes me dream of my own garden with a greenhouse, a new old home where I could retreat to with my my family to potter around and make art all day long.