I stand by my choices

I just came back from Den Haag where I went to spend time with my friend Liesbeth, and to shoot her new catalogue. So many amazing things happened during the trip, and I think something just clicked in my mind while I was there.

I have a tendency to feel quite discontent, like I’m always wanting something I don’t have, usually work-related. I just keep moaning about wanting something different; more this, and less that, blah blah blah. And then In get really tired and stressed because it keeps me from enjoying what I actually do.

When I arrived in Den Haag we went straight to the woods to shoot and had very intense conversations all night, and when I went to bed I just couldn’t sleep. It was hot, I was sweaty, and my head felt like a washing machine spinning without any water in it. And then suddenly – bling – a thought came to me: I am content. I am OK with everything, this is a good place to be in my life right now. I fell asleep and I’ve felt awesome ever since. All that unneeded discontent just melted away.

I am here in my new studio right now. This is my garden and I’m going to water it, and then I’m going to enjoy the bloom.

I saw this in Liesbeth’s atelier and I just got it. I want to stand by my choices.